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Remodelling our homes was a game changer for us all. It really opened our eyes to how much difference the right floor can make.

Who are we?

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The Happy Floor Site is brought to you by a team of home renovation enthusiasts. We have all worked hard to remodel our homes, adding a personal or modern flare to the potentially mundane. We can’t wait to share our thoughts, tips, hope and home flooring dreams.






Editor and Writer


Editor and Writer

Our Story

Where Does Our Inspiration Come From?

We’ve been imaging a home reno site for a long time, jotting down our thoughts and ideas as we progressed with our new design ideas.

We can’t wait to share our ideas, but also practical solutions to problems we’ve encountered along the way.

From totally novice remodellers to experienced interior designers, this is the place you can consolidate your knowledge or set out of the path to a gorgeous floor.

We can’t wait to walk our new floors and soft carpets together. Let’s get started!

“Flooring is the hub of your home. It sets the tone and underpins your life there.”
Co Founder of The Happy Floor Site
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