is bamboo flooring good for dogs

Is Bamboo Flooring Good For Dogs?

Is bamboo flooring good for dogs? Choosing the right flooring is often overlooked when making a home pet friendly. Hardwood floors are durable, and look great in a lot of homes. But, they’re not entirely scratch-proof or water-resistant. And there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your floors look dull and scruffy thanks to scratches from your dog’s claws. I prefer bamboo floors to most other hardwood options because it’s versatile and relatively durable. But, it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone. So, in this guide, I’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring for dog owners, to help you decide if you should choose this option.


Is Bamboo Flooring Good for Dogs?

Bamboo flooring is a relatively durable option for dog owners. The durability of bamboo floors is often determined by the quality of the bamboo it is made from and their hardness. In general, good quality bamboo flooring will usually cost more. And the inverse is the same.

Bamboo floors do a great job holding up to the wear and tear that you would expect in a home with dogs. These canines, unlike cats, have non-retractable claws which easily scratch hardwood and cork floors. However, in this regard, bamboo floors hold up pretty well to scratches. And, scratches that do occur can often be easily repaired and covered.

When it comes to spill resistance, bamboo flooring also performs remarkably well. If you are still house-training your dog, you can expect a few accidents. Bamboo floors remain water-resistant for up to 24 hours making them ideal for a home with dogs, as long as you are vigilant about cleaning these spills.

Advantages of Bamboo Flooring for Dogs

If you are considering bamboo flooring for your home, there are lots of reasons why this could be a great idea especially if you have dogs. For starters, well-manufactured bamboo flooring can be scratch-resistant, making them more durable. Strand-woven bamboo planks, especially, offer you unmatched durability. Light colored bamboo floors are a great option, because any scratches that do occur will be harder to see.

Secondly, bamboo floors resist water and liquids better than hardwood. Even when your pet has an accident, your floors will remain water-resistant for over 20 hours. However, it is advisable to clean up after your dog often and fast.

Another great advantage that this flooring option has is that it is comfortable to walk on. Bamboo flooring remains cool in the hotter months and warm during winter. So your dog can comfortably lie down and walk with ease. Additionally, bamboo flooring is safe thanks to its natural water resistance which repels mold and mildew. And finally, according to research, bamboo is better for the environment thanks to its ability to grow fast and without the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

Why Bamboo Flooring Might Not Work for Dogs

Despite all the pros of bamboo flooring, there are some disadvantages associated with this kind of flooring. If you install a cheap or poorly manufactured bamboo floor, the chances of it denting or getting scratched can increase greatly, especially if you own a dog. Damage like this can be evident in dark floors, or in floors lit with direct sunlight.

Hard flooring like bamboo can also pose problems for dogs in terms of grip. Because there’s nothing for their claws to grip, some dogs can struggle to walk on bamboo flooring. This can result in them scrabbling for purchase, and scratching more than they would have otherwise. Though, this problem is usually solved by putting down runners or rugs.

Moreover, some bamboo flooring manufacturers use adhesives that could emit toxic fumes into the air. These fumes, usually from formaldehyde found in adhesives, could prove lethal to your pets especially if they spend a good amount of time on the floor.

is bamboo flooring good for dogs

How Bamboo Compares to Other Pet Flooring Materials

There are many flooring options suitable for different styles and budgets. From natural hardwood floors to softwood floors and synthetic options, as well as tiles, the options are endless. It is all a matter of personal preference and budget. However, when it comes to choosing a flooring option that is comfortable and durable for both humans and pets, then your choices do narrow down. There are many reasons why one flooring option trumps another in this regard. Let’s see how bamboo flooring stacks up against other materials for dog owners.

Bamboo Flooring vs Tiles

Ceramic tiles are quite popular in many homes for their durability and ease of cleaning. However, in a home with pets such as dogs, this flooring option may not be the best. According to research, it has been proven that tiles do not retain much warmth. They also cause sound waves to bounce off them easily creating a noisier environment.

On the other hand, bamboo flooring is just as hard and stands up to scratching and denting pretty well. And a house with pets will do better with bamboo flooring because it retains warmth better than tiles and absorbs sound better too.

Bamboo Flooring vs Hardwood

Hardwood floors are beautiful and classy but do not have the scratch resistance that bamboo flooring possesses. Additionally, these hardwood floors do not match up to bamboo’s water resistance so they’re less ideal for a home with pets. More importantly, bamboo flooring is affordable (per square foot) in comparison to hardwood floors. For this reason, bamboo is the better choice if you have dogs.

Bamboo Flooring vs Softwoods

Softwoods such as pine and spruce produce rustic, elegant floors which are great for aesthetics but not so much for durability. Floors made from softwoods are more prone to scratching from dogs’ claws and are also not as water resistant as bamboo.

Bamboo Flooring vs Carpet

Carpet gives a very different aesthetic to a room than bamboo flooring, so it might not even be an option that you’re considering. Scratches are usually less evident on carpets, but damage to them is harder to conceal than on bamboo flooring. Carpet can retain warmth, as bamboo flooring can, and can also be easier for dogs to walk on, because their paws will have a better grip.

However, carpets are more prone to absorbing urine and bad smells. It’s much harder to clean accidents from carpets, and if a smell remains, a dog may continue to pee there. So, in this aspect, bamboo is a better option.

Best Bamboo Flooring Options for your Dogs

And there you have it, all the reasons why bamboo flooring is a really good option for homes with dogs. When it comes to durability and aesthetics, you cannot go wrong with bamboo flooring options. Bamboo flooring also makes cleaning up after your pets pretty simple and fast. Remember to clean up immediately (especially if it’s urine and poop) to avoid any stains forming on your floors. When you are choosing a suitable bamboo floor, consider one with a high Janka hardness to reduce scratches.

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